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The wedding is one of the most important and happiest events in someone's life, every detail plays a key role in creating the unique atmosphere of this day. Therefore, the responsibility placed on the shoulders of the organizer is incredibly high. We will take over the management of organising your wedding, from ideas and stylistics concepts to the wedding procession, our task is to make the preparation process pleasant for you.

Wedding concept

We believe that each wedding is unique! Therefore, the choice of the concept and the style of the wedding are the initial and main tasks to be considered when preparing the celebration.

To offer you an interesting and unique solution, we will ask you to answer a small questionnaire related to your love story and personal preferences.

Creative process

  • Ideas
  • Stylistic concepts
  • Images of the bride and groom
  • Program directions
  • Decor and floristry

Site selection


The right wedding venue is half the success of the event.

There are a lot of options for venues in various formats, the selection parameters should include your personal preferences, the number of guests and the style of the wedding.


It may be limited only by budget and logistics. Depending on the chosen country, the wedding venue could be a country cottage, a hotel, a stylish loft, a large tent, a villa, a castle or a meadow on the river bank.

Selection options

  • Number of guests
  • Format
  • Design
  • Kitchen


At the very beginning of the wedding, we will prepare for you a detailed work schedule with a timeline. This way, you will be able to get acquainted in advance with all the stages of the preparation and implementation of the project in detail.

For your convenience, we place the schedule in electronic form, with closed access for you and your personal manager, which will be updated on a weekly basis.

Work plan

  • Creative part
  • Technical part
  • Logistics
  • Contractors selection and control
  • Implementation
As a gift, you will receive a bride's diary with tips and steps for the wedding preparation


Cost of services

At the first stage of the wedding preparation, we draw up a detailed estimate based on your wishes and priorities. The main priority for us is to create an impeccable event and memories that will last forever.

Example of estimates based on real weddings
Свадьба в Риме
Проживание в отеле 5 звезд
Организация венчания
Свадебный ужин в шикарном ресторане
Фото и видео
Трансфер и проживание гостей
3 800 000 руб.
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Свадьба на вилле под Миланом
Аренда виллы
Свадебный банкет
Фото и видео
Декор и полиграфия
Аренда Роллс Ройса
Подарки гостям
Трансферы и проживание иностранных гостей
2 100 000 руб.
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Свадьба на Кипре
Аренда места
Свадебный банкет
Официальная церемония
Декор и полиграфия
Фото и видео
Подарки гостям
Трансфер и проживание гостей
4 200 000 руб.
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Свадьба в Подмосковье
Номер для молодоженов
Фото и видео
Декор и полиграфия
Свадебный банкет
Съемка love story
1 600 000 руб.
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