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Tag: Trends

25 November 2016 | News
We are happy to share the news about the interview that we published few days ago on the pages of the popular wedding blog the-wedding.ru. The article appeared in the rubric "behind the scenes of the wedding" - the active link the-wedding.ru.
11 September 2016 | Advices
Our today’s life hack will be about wedding cake. How we should correctly count the weight of the cake? What will influence on the price of cake? What are the questions we should ask confectioner while taking order? What is the design we should choose? [gallery ids="932"] 1. How we…
11 August 2016 | News
На прошлой неделе мы были в гостях у известного свадебного блога @nevesta.moscow и пообщались с коллегами на тему: Шоу-программа: каких артистов пригласить на свою свадьбу и какие нюансы учесть. Полный текст разговора по активной ссылке nevesta.moscow