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Splendide love

Polina and Dmitry


The wedding was held in the capital of Italy. Beloved couple together with their guests went to Rome to discover the secrets of the Eternal City and to find the perfect eternal love. So the idea “Splendid Love” appeared.

The mood of the gala event was the beauty and grandeur of the architecture, history and tradition of the city, the charm of an ancient culture and the refined Italian style. Nevertheless, the Russian traditions were not forgotten.


Wedding in the Orthodox church was a distinctive feature of this event. There are only two Orthodox churches in Rome. And in one of them, in the Church of Catherine the Great Martyr we organized wedding ceremony according to the traditions of Christianity. Keeping the idea of a wedding in mind, banquet was held in Splendid Royal hotel in restaurant Mirabelle, one of the best restaurants in Rome. The impeccable kitchen, no doubt, contributes to the perfect love. It’s even more important that the restaurant had an amazing terrace with a panoramic view of Rome. So the Eternal City became a perfect living decoration for wedding celebration. Wedding cards were made in the style of ancient Roman papyrus scrolls. The piece of a large puzzle has been inserted into the card, so guests had to put it together and thus recognize the theme of the event.


Raspberry and violet colors were chosen for decoration that was perfect on a background of creamy gold interiors of the restaurant and the white church. After the church wedding ceremony a wonderful city tour was organized for the guests while newlyweds were taking part in photo shooting. Wedding dance of Pauline and Dima became a real performance – a beautiful and heartwarming story, played out for the guests – the main intrigue of the wedding event. The couple performed a tango with a blindfold, it was extremely expressive and symbolic. In this world it is insanely difficult to meet your mate, we live as though with closed eyes and only thanks to Lord we are destined to meet and not lose each other in the crowd…

Photographer: Татьяна Гаранина
Hotel: Splendide Royal

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Polina and Dmitry

The atmosphere of our wedding was extraordinary. I'm happy that we had such a wedding. Every year on October 15, I wish we could sit in a restaurant overlooking the villa Borghese and remember our wonderful celebration ...

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