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Simply beautiful

Katrina and Philippe


The idea came from the big passion of beloved couple to the nature, rustic style and ecology. We proposed to develop a subtle theme of love between man and woman both akin to the nature. The concept shows an attitude to life of the wedding couple: to appreciate the beauty of the world, to remember the roots and traditions of their ancestry, to take care of the world.

We believe that the place where one feels close to nature in its primordial beauty, helps to know much better themselves and each other, to go back to basics and to experience the true nature of love.




It was decided to use only natural materials and colors in the decor of the wedding event. Cotton, silk, wood, stone, bronze, green plants, nuts, berries, fruits and vegetables. In addition to the different shades of green, blue and cappuccino we also added to the palette some accents of bright colors, such as salmon, coral and pink. The interior was decorated by roses, blue delphinium, gorgeous white and honey dahlias, amber lilies, branches of wild roses and blueberries.

Dessert menu was based on the traditional choice of Tyrolean homemade cakes, cheese, jams, fruits and berries of the season. The wedding cake was made of natural ingredients without any use of mastic and was decorated with berries and flowers from Tyrolean garden and the wild. Each guest received a hand-made pot with living plant as a gift. Even the frame for photo designed as Instagram studio was made of branches and leaves. So guests could express their likes and comments by attaching tapes with cards to the frame by wooden pegs.

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Katrina and Philippe

Thank you !!!))) Everything was excellent!

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