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Sunny Bunny Wedding

Olya and Dmitry


The idea was literally predetermined by fate. As soon as we found out from the interview with the beloved couple that all their friends named them as bunnies, we realized we should use nice characteristic feature as a wedding ceremony theme. We decided to celebrate the wedding in a luxury hotel of sunny Cyprus that has the symbol of the sun in its logo. Our beloved “bunnies” were so cheerful and glowing with love that we proposed the conception “Sunny bunnies” without spending much time for mind-storming.

We tried to keep the theme of radiance emanating from the beloved people.

Lovers made the decision to set a wedding day just a month before the event. During the holiday in Mauritius the groom unexpectedly proposed to the bride to marry him. They both decided not to waste time and get married as soon as possible. November 4, 2015 – this date has been very important and symbolic for oncoming family. We immediately offered Cyprus as a place for the celebration, firstly because it is still warm at late autumn and secondly because there is no need to make visa in hurry for their guests.


Palette of colors for wedding event was chosen according to the tastes of the couple and its matching with the dominant colors in the decor of the hotel: vanilla, sky blue, sand and gold. We choose the wedding flowers: white anemone with the blue middle, blue and white hydrangea, peony-roses, rose Caramel Antique, saliksa branches for the arches, white carnation, blue delphinium, silver-blue leaves of ragwort, blue thistle flowers and cotton bolls. In the decoration we used gold grenades as the symbol of marital happiness and warmth, according to legends grenades were first planted in Cyprus by goddess Aphrodite.

Despite cloudy weather of that day, the wedding event was very cheerful and sunny thanks to a happy feeling of the guests, the magnificent master of ceremonies, Greek musicians and brilliant hotel service. The program of the event was diverse: dancing, quizzes, a traditional loaf and symbolic inflammation of family hearth. The final stage of the event was held on the terrace where the couple in the light of candles performed refined romantic dance. At last seconds of the dance fireworks started, it was great surprise for the guests. At the end of the celebration every guest received their photo framed.

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Olya and Dmitry

Lovely and wonderful fairies from WOW-WEDDING!!)
Thank you very much for the realization of our dreams, for the creation of our wonderful Sunny Bunny Wedding! That was the celebration of the life!))

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