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My heart melts for you

Yana and Pavel


Idea for wedding was born in the first meeting with the beloved couple. Groom is a rising star of Russian National Hockey team. He is calm, unflappable and strong-willed young man. Bride is beautiful, soft, feminine and subtle nature. We had an idea to take one of the eternal truths of philosophy as the theme of the wedding – “Love that melts the ice”. The name was born itself – “My heart melts for you”.


The theme of the event was reflected in the characters of the wedding couple: the strength and fragility, decisiveness and softness, ice and spring warmth, male and female. Opposites attract, and in the moment of attraction an amazing love is born. The greater the difference, the more vivid and deeper emotions arise.


Wedding date, scheduled for the end of April suited perfectly to our idea. The transformation of a strict and restrained winter to gentle and warm spring was chosen to be the main point of the event decoration. Contrasting colors mixed together, silver frost became radiant spring drippings. White turned into peach tones, steel into pale pinks, indigo into gentle emerald colors.

Numerous mirrors and mirror cubes reflected the delicate rose petals creating romantic feelings.

In the celebration hall ice was melted, buds blossomed, moss interspersed with lilies of the valley and the musical accompaniment of banquet was full of sounds of wild nature which gave the desired aura for the whole event.

Photographer: Егор Желов
Videographer: Family Room
Decorator: Chic & WoW Decor

Categories: Moscow suburbs
Yana and Pavel

It was the wedding of our dreams and one of the best days in our lives! Preparations for the wedding for us were easy and unstrained, we completely trusted the WOW-Wedding. Girls from the agency protected us from all difficulties and prepared us for wonderful day with love and care!

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