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This world-famous villa is located on a small peninsula surrounded by a large park. Elegant and romantic 18th-century mansion, along with its magnificent garden, has welcomed writers, scholars, and travelers throughout the years, including Count Guido Monzino, the villa’s last owner. The place is renowned for hosting numerous celebrity weddings, fashion house photo shoots, and Hollywood filmings, including James Bond and Star Wars. One of the unique features of Villa Balbianello is its panoramic view of the lake, making it one of the most beautiful wedding venues. With its gorgeous gardens, architectural charm, and magnificent views, a wedding at Villa Balbianello promises a truly spectacular and unforgettable experience.

Listed among the most prestigious venues on Lake Como by Harpers Bazaar and Vogue US, Villa Balbiano, with its charming views across Lake Como to the distant mountains, its immense Italian garden and a private pier, is a perfect backdrop for a fairytale wedding.

Originally built in the 16th century by Cardinal Tolomeo Gallio, it was later embellished in the late 18th century by the famous Cardinal Durini.
After 2011, Villa Balbiano became the ownership of The Heritage Collection, an impressive collection of properties located both throughout Italy and France.

The property has recently been completely renovated, all of its original frescos on the walls and ceilings are restored. It consists of a full on luxury interior with ornate marble floors, antique furniture and furnishing of the highest quality.

The history of this elegant villa on the lake takes its origins in the XVII century. Beautiful architecture, spacious interiors with spectacular decor, panoramic windows and romantic facades of romantic peach color make this villa one of the most charming and popular villas for weddings in Como region. Villa Pizzo is also famous for its beautiful spacious English-style park with a lake view.

Nestled along the western coast of Lake Como, Villa Bonomi stands as an exquisite and exclusive property. Its newly renovated, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces serve as the epitome of a perfect and comfortable stay for its esteemed guests. Enveloping the villa is a breathtaking four-acre garden, masterfully designed by the renowned Italian landscape artist, Pietro Porcinai, offering an unparalleled view of the luxurious residences that adorn the shores of Lario.

Villa Erba is a famous historic complex located on the shores of Lake Como in Italy. It includes a majestic 19th-century palace built in the neoclassical style. The palace is known for its frescoes, stuccoes, and elegant interiors.

The extensive parks and gardens stretch all the way to the lake. Rare trees and shrubs grow here, and there are tranquil alleys and picturesque viewpoints.

Villa Erba has a rich history. It belonged to well-known Italian families and was a center of cultural life in the region. Today, it is one of the most popular venues for hosting prestigious events – from fashion shows to summits and weddings.