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Lake Como
Location - 76km from Malpensa airport
Capacity - up to 300 guests
Ceremony - official and symbolic
Accommodation - no

This world-famous villa is located on a small peninsula surrounded by a large park. Elegant and romantic 18th-century mansion, along with its magnificent garden, has welcomed writers, scholars, and travelers throughout the years, including Count Guido Monzino, the villa’s last owner. The place is renowned for hosting numerous celebrity weddings, fashion house photo shoots, and Hollywood filmings, including James Bond and Star Wars. One of the unique features of Villa Balbianello is its panoramic view of the lake, making it one of the most beautiful wedding venues. With its gorgeous gardens, architectural charm, and magnificent views, a wedding at Villa Balbianello promises a truly spectacular and unforgettable experience.


Villa Balbianello can accommodate both official and symbolic ceremonies. The traditional ceremony is typically held on the Loggia Durini terrace, known for its iconic high arched vaults and ivy-covered columns. Alternatively, the ceremony can also take place on the Loggia Segre terrace.


The villa is located near the town of Lenno, the view from the villa overlooks Camachina Island on one side, and Tremezzina on the other. The couple and guests arrive at the villa by boat to the picturesque pier, a few minutes’ drive from Lenno.


The villa does not have any living rooms. However, for gatherings of the bride and groom, as well as accommodation for guests, there is a wide range of hotels and villas conveniently located near the cape.


The villa offers rates for weddings of various formats. It is possible to rent a terrace for 2 hours for a ceremony, or for the entire day for a large wedding with a grand-scale show program.