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Lake Como
Location - 52km from Malpensa airport
Capacity - ?
Ceremony - official and symbolic
Accommodation - 11 elegant Suites from 13sqmt to 41sqmt

Nestled along the western coast of Lake Como, Villa Bonomi stands as an exquisite and exclusive property. Its newly renovated, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces serve as the epitome of a perfect and comfortable stay for its esteemed guests. Enveloping the villa is a breathtaking four-acre garden, masterfully designed by the renowned Italian landscape artist, Pietro Porcinai, offering an unparalleled view of the luxurious residences that adorn the shores of Lario.


Villa Bonomi, a charming retreat located at Via Bignanico, 65 in Como, Italy. Surrounded by natural beauty, this tranquil haven invites you to experience the serenity of the region. From exploring the historic center of Como to immersing yourself in the breathtaking landscapes of Lake Como, Villa Bonomi offers a simple yet idyllic getaway in this picturesque destination.


Immerse yourself in the sheer beauty of Villa Bonomi’s garden, a captivating landscape that unfolds across various levels interconnected by stone stairs and pathways. With each step, you’ll be treated to ever-changing vistas of the surrounding scenery. The garden’s expansive terraces play host to a grand circular parterre, a serene swimming pool, and a romantic promenade that winds through the adjacent forest. The pool, adorned with a mesmerizing blue mosaic floor, has been thoughtfully designed to ensure a tranquil atmosphere free from intrusive reflections of light. It’s a haven where relaxation and meditation effortlessly intertwine, offering a truly enchanting experience during your stay.


The Villa offers 11 elegant Suites from 13sqmt to 41sqmt, located on 3 different floors and in a unique dependance. All Suites face the Lake or the Park, ensuring the highest levels of comfort in an aristocratic and high-class environment. Equipped with bathrobes, slippers, toiletries and courtesy kit, hair dryer, air conditioning, heating and Wi-Fi.