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Lake Como
Location - 57km from Malpensa airport
Capacity - up to 300 guests
Ceremony - symbolic
Accommodation - no

The history of this elegant villa on the lake takes its origins in the XVII century. Beautiful architecture, spacious interiors with spectacular decor, panoramic windows and romantic facades of romantic peach color make this villa one of the most charming and popular villas for weddings in Como region. Villa Pizzo is also famous for its beautiful spacious English-style park with a lake view.


Villa Pizzo is situated very close to Como city, halfway between Moltrasio and Cernobbio. It’s surrounded by many beautiful hotels and very comfortable to achieve. Villa Pizzo and all the buildings annexed to it are fully visible only from the lake.

The park of Villa Pizzo develops in length between the different terraces on the mountain and Lake Como, and is divided into several gardens all different from each other. In the splendid park that surrounds the Villa and which stretches alongside the lake, you can enjoy the beauty of shrubs and centuries-old trees, avenues of cypresses, a Tassi Gallery as well as an Italian Garden with its Baroque fountains.

The convenient location of the different areas and gardens of the villa allows you to plan the event in such a way that guests discover each of the areas gradually, following the scenario of the event: welcome area, ceremony, aperitif, reception and after-party area. It also has it own pier, so you can arrive by boat.


A large nineteenth-century dock surrounded by original statues with an ancient flavor is a magical and extraordinarily romantic place for the fateful “yes”. The big stone terrace is a unique well-know place for a ceremony on Como, many famous couples chose it for their ceremony, including John Legend. The terrace can comfortably accommodate up to 300 guests.

Aperitif and reception

A big garden with a fountain is an ideal area for your wedding aperitif. We usually arrange several buffet stations and lounge sets with seating for more than half of the guests. We also suggest creating a photo booth in this area.

The ideal reception area is located beside the main villa. The advantage is that the villa already has a beautiful large marquee with wooden flooring available for your event, which covers the entire dinner zone.


After-party takes place after 23:30 inside the halls of the villa and can continue till 02:00. Open bar and desserts bars can be organized outside or inside according to your timing.


One can rent the villa for one day of the event, it’s also possible to rent the day before or after for reduced price if it’s needed in case of big decoration and show program plan.