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German & Viktoria
Beautiful era

Viktoria / German

CHARACTER / light, sensitive
HOBBIES / fashion, confectionery
PROFESSION / businessman confectioner
ASSOCIATIONS / elegance, Liberty style, carelessness, airiness

CHARACTER /open, kind, cheerful
HOBBIES / music, architecture
PROFESSION / owner of a confectionery factory and a nightclub
ASSOCIATIONS / optimism, celebration of life, Tesla


Bellè Epoque

The words of the groom that he was looking for his beloved for a very long time and after meeting her the best part of his life began, inspired us to create the theme “Beautiful era”. This historical period in Europe marks the heyday in all spheres of life: visual arts, music, theater, fashion, design and cinema.

It is characterized by optimism, refined and bright style, an atmosphere of fun and celebration. To our question “what is your favorite era in history?” – the guys answered “here and now”. Their wedding celebrates the heyday of their relationship and the beginning of their own Belle Epoque – beauty, joy, optimism and vivid emotions. A whole life ahead, full of happiness, hopes and discoveries.

When creating printing, we were inspired by the Italian Liberty style, born in the Belle Epoque period. We were attracted by his sensuality, purity of lines and exquisite stylization of natural forms. We used thick handmade paper with antique gold embossing and calligraphy, floral designs inside the envelopes and silk ribbons.


In the decor of the ceremony, we wanted to emphasize the contrast with the pompous dramatic Baroque style that the Belle Epoque left behind, and reflect the mood of an era of graceful elegance, optimism and lightness.

Civil ceremony took place in the most famous villa of Lake Como. The couple was married by the mayor of Lenno. Lush airy clouds of flowers spread along the floor along the edges of the path and climbed onto the columns of the villa’s terrace, organically connecting with the greenery surrounding them.


In the decor of the dinner, we tried to reflect the mood of the Belle Epoque: carelessness, luxury, prosperity, freedom, brightness, dynamism, modern, Art Deco, passion. In the palette, it was important for us to show the subtlest nuances of color inherent in the style ART NOUVEAU.

We deliberately chose the white room of the villa for dinner, which served as the perfect backdrop for the rich palette of decor elements. Open elegantly curved designer tables, golden Art Deco chairs with wine-colored velvet cushions, tall crystal candlesticks with thin candles, bright tableware from the latest Richard Ginori collection, silk napkins with typical Liberty floral patterns.

Love story, welcome dinner and brunch

Pre-wedding dinner we prepared outside in front of the villa.

The decor repeated the palette of the sky painted by the setting sun. In contrast to the wedding dinner for the welcome, we chose a more classic story with a floor-length nude tablecloth, mother-of-pearl fixtures and delicate floristry, leaving a few bright ruby accents from the wedding palette.

The brunch was held in the pool party format.

They set up high Art Deco cocktail tables, decorated the pool with flowers and candles, and created several lounge areas with white Indian umbrellas, lush bunches of flowers in wicker baskets, vanilla and terracotta color carpets and velvet cushions.

For love story was chosen a boat trip and a shooting in the Villa Monastero

Thanks from the couple

Vika and German
This is one of the happiest days of our, already large, family.

Thank you so much for everything ❤️ Your team is cool!!!

We are incredibly lucky to meet all of you 🙏 We believe that we will definitely meet again ❤️