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Anna and Dmitriy

For the image of the bride were ordered by individual design: constellation earrings, veil embroidered with stars, diadem

Gifts for each guest became part of the wedding table decor: chocolate truffles in the form of space planets in exquisite boxes with golden silk tassels.
Velvet box for rings with hand-embroidered gold thread in the shape of the constellation Cetus.


Cosmic love

The theme of the celebration “The Constellation of Our Love” arose thanks to a romantic story with which the couple had warm joint memories: at the beginning of the relationship, the guys loved to look at the night sky together, and the groom always told his beloved about the stars, composing for her existing constellations.

In favor of this concept was also the evening time of the wedding and the couple’s love for candles and ice garlands. The beautiful star of the World from the constellation Kita was chosen as a symbol of the holiday on the recommendations of an astrologer. Noble blue and gold became the main colors of the wedding.


Ceremony and reception

The official ceremony took place on Durini’s terrace to the accompaniment of cello and harp.
The guests arrived at the villa on a ship, which hosted a pre-wedding aperitif.
The couple arrived on a Venetian boat in advance for a photo shoot.

The combination of dark blue, antique gold and exclusively white flowers, which in the warm glow of candles and ice garlands created a spectacular contrast, similar to the night starry sky.
Gold-rimmed plates adorned with blue velvet napkins, a menu and a box of truffles, Parijin’s gold chairs, aged gold-colored cutlery, sky-colored tablecloth, crystal goblets.
Forged metal gold frames in the shape of the moon, stars and planets were created according to individual design.
Black candles decorated with gold foil with an imitation of the starry sky.
The cake was decorated with constellations and the glow of the Milky Way.

Love story

The love story took place at two different locations – in the Alpine mountains and at Villa Melzi on Lake Como.

Thanks from the couple

Thank you all very much! You are great fellows! 😘😘😘

We are unrealistically grateful to you ☺

All our guests are delighted ☺