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Laura and Eric
The main symbol of the event was the ginkgo tree leaf, representing longevity and family in China.

Laura and Eric

Our bride Laura is originally from China.

The groom, Eric, is of Italian-American descent.

Welcome Party


The warming energy and enthusiasm of this couple captivate immediately and set the tone for a zest for life and positivity. They take the best from their different cultures and share this vibrant cocktail with everyone around them. The couple found each other on a dating app. On a winter evening, both wearing funny Christmas sweaters gifted by their parents, just like characters from the movie “Bridget Jones’s Diary,” they met at a bar for a cocktail and decided to delete their dating apps during the very same meeting.

Morning | Villa Pizzo

Initially, the couple approached us with a very classical decor request. However, as we got to know them better, we realized they were open to experimentation. It all started with the bride, who was originally from China, requesting to incorporate the color red into the concept. As a result, we ended up creating a vibrant cocktail of colors and an unexpectedly unique selection of florals.

The stationery reflected the chosen style and color palette of the wedding: a monogram of the couple with an image of their beloved cat, the color red as a symbol of happiness in China, seating arrangements on mandarin oranges representing prosperity and well-being, seating cards in the shape of ginkgo leaves, and the use of Chinese characters combined with classical calligraphy.


At the end of the ceremony, the couple was surprised by us. We presented them with a bottle of fine wine in a wooden box. The bottle was artistically decorated and adorned with hieroglyphs conveying wishes of happiness and longevity. The couple placed their vows inside the box and will open it on their fifth wedding anniversary to celebrate the milestone and exchange vows once again.

The focal point of all the compositions were antique Chinese vases of different shapes and sizes, along with simple vintage wooden chairs. Against this backdrop, our rich and diverse palette of colors looked particularly vibrant and appealing. The flowers included roses, lisianthus, chrysanthemums, dahlias, carnations, gerberas, forsythia branches, physalis, orchids, garden bellflowers, and calla lilies.


The wedding guests radiated the same vibrant and warm energy as the couple. The celebration was filled with joy and excitement, and everyone danced together – the guests, even the one-year-old children, and the musicians themselves.

American, Italian, and Chinese traditions were observed, and a cozy family tea ceremony harmoniously blended with lively dances performed by the bridesmaids and friends. During the dinner, Italian-style napkins occasionally twirled in the air for toasts and the couple’s kisses.

Thanks from the couple

15-17 SEPTEMBER, 2022
Laura and Eric
We were re-reading our vows and admiring all of the paper goods you helped prepare last night. We were also amazed by Vassilis' Chinese calligraphy. It was just amazing! We hope you both get some well-deserved rest after a very busy wedding season. It was busy but so successful! 👏🤩💪Congratulations and thank you! Such good memories 😭