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Anna and Daniil
“If I had a single flower for every time I think of you, I could walk forever in my garden…”
Alfred Tennyson

Anna and Daniil

She is a fashion influencer that includes her own fashion and accessories line, owner of a fashion boutique. He works in construction business and real estate.

Hard working couple, enjoying every single moment they can spend together. They love long evening walks and travel together. Their favorite song "Stand by me".


In the garden of your soul

Garden is like a micro cosmos, a place where there is harmony and beauty, where nature creates magic for loving souls.

A garden is a symbolic border, helping a couple to distance from the detracting ordinary world. Garden helps them free their spirits from fears. It’s a place, where they can express themselves and hide from stress in the daily life.


A “wild garden” seen served as a backdrop for the Ceremony. White and emerald palette with a large number of field flowers. Green grass was an aisle. For a couple of hours, cold terrace made of stone, turned into a blooming garden.

Iron garden chairs with emerald-color pillows, elegant wicker metal vases, voluminous monochrome bouquets, wedding cake decorated with petals and white garden flowers, green grass aisle, spectacular flowerbeds from both sides as a backdrop.


Reception area was decorated as a large greenhouse, using a wedding tent

Round tables covered with velvet tablecloths of milk color, elegant white garden chairs, thousands of candlesticks coming in different shapes and sizes, flooring of natural oak, crystal dinnerware sets, English garden roses. These elements helped create cozy atmosphere of a blooming garden.

Love story / Brunch

One day with the couple

Hotel room, chosen for the shooting, featured an open terrace with a garden.
Video reel prepared within a day. Shown in the beginning of the wedding reception.


Anna and Daniil
It was a dream wedding, an incredible adventure of a lifetime.

We thank your incredibly cool team that helped to bring the fairy tale to life.

Love you all! We wish you magic, love and inspiration ❤