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Vera and Vlad
“True love doesn’t know the time, it’s a moment and eternity at the same time…”
And hearts truly in love feel the same

Vera and Vlad

We were inspired by this couple story, full of frequent travels and moves. How much time one needs to understand that this is a real love?! One month? A year?

It doesn’t matter because true love doesn’t know the time, it’s a moment and eternity at the same time… Eternity is a state beyond the control of time, with no beginning or end…And hearts truly in love feel the same.


Now and Forever

Wedding invitation and Save The Date were interactive – one on the basis of water color drawing and the other as a music video clip based on the oil painting of the Villa Pizzo, made by a famous Russian painter. 

The decor was created by the great master Vincenzo Dascanio. Thousands of flowers and candles, beautiful wooden gazebos, open Venezian style tables, crystal chandeliers became an harmonic part of the amazing architecture and gardens of Villa Pizzo.


The famous stone terrace was full of roses and hydrangea.

An amazing walkway of flowers all long the terrace, from the beginning of the stairs till the arch.


The music for the ceremony was created by a classic trio from La Scala Theatre, pianist, violoncellist and violinist. In the aperitif zone there was a trio of dj, sax and electronic violin.

The stars of the dinner show program became the Jared Band with the soloist winner of the Holland VOICE.

Love story

For love story we chose 3 absolutely different places: New York, Hong Kong and Lake Como. The video was shot on Como lake and mounted in one day to show it during the wedding.

Thanks from the couple

Vera and Vlad
It was a great day! ❤️ You made our wedding day perfect!

It's cool when you are surrounded by professionals who love what they do. And it's even better when these people sincerely live with you all the moments. You guys are just the best of the best, so talented and passionate.

Thank you for making us a real fairy tale that I could only dream of. ❤️

Thank you for such a beautiful and romantic wedding! ❤️