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"Viva la vida" is a vibrant and uplifting phrase that embodies the spirit of celebration, vitality, and embracing the wonders of life. Translated as "Long live life" or "Live life," it encapsulates a profound sense of exuberance, gratitude for the present, and a zestful embrace of living life to its fullest.

Welcome Party


Experience an enchanting welcome party at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo on Lake Como. With its stunning setting, elegant décor, and exquisite cuisine, this event sets the stage for a night of celebration and luxury. Guests are treated to a memorable evening filled with music, fine dining, and impeccable hospitality, creating a magical start to an unforgettable experience.

Wedding Day

Experience the triumph of romance at a breathtaking wedding ceremony. Adorned with Louis XIV-style cream wood chairs, a voluminous yet light arch, and delicate clouds of “baby’s breath” flowers, this dream-like setting justifies all hopes and creates an atmosphere of pure enchantment. The groom arrives on the iconic Riva boat, while the bride, accompanied by her sons, emerges from the villa. Hosted by a close family friend, the ceremony exudes intimacy. The dinner features a unique seating arrangement in the shape of the letter “P,” with long tables framing the central dance floor where the bride, groom, and guests gather. Prepare for an immersive show that captivates from the guests’ arrival to the cake-cutting, as the actors undergo seven transformations, adding to the wonder of this extraordinary celebration.

Wedding Brunch

On the third day of the celebration, the enchanting Wedding Brunch unfolded at the picturesque Villa Balbiano! Set amidst the captivating landscapes of Italy, guests reveled in a more relaxed ambiance, savoring the lingering magic of the festivities. Against the backdrop of stunning vistas, they engaged in delightful conversations, creating lasting memories and deepening their connections. It was a beautiful continuation of the joyous celebration, where the timeless beauty of Villa Balbiano harmonized with the warmth of cherished friendships.