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Marta and Igor
The energy of love between two loving people is like the miracle of the birth of morning dew.

Marta and Igor

The bride is very soft and calm. Her hobbies are yoga and meditation. She is a fashion designer and artist. Our associations with this girl were depth, aesthetics, silence, attention and water.

The groom is very caring and active. His main hobby is spiritual practice. He is real estate businessman. Our associations with him - energy, passion, fire and awareness


Energy of love

The exchange of thermal energy that forms the dew is similar to the exchange of energy between two lovers. It is a real miracle that life appears in the desert thanks to the dew drops. The morning dew creates conditions of life that did not exist before, just as the exchange of energies of two loving people creates their unique world.

With the help of a specially developed technique, the designer and I achieved a unique effect of dew drops on leaf-shaped seating cards. Mirror plastic was chosen for maximum effect. The invitation cards were made on handmade paper of different colors in monochrome with embossing and calligraphy.


For the ceremony, we chose a mixture of different stylistic energies: eclecticism, drama, sensual romance and naturalness. In front of the villa, a path 24 meters long was built with an illustration of the sunset sky. The large-scale undulating design of the pavilion for the ceremony repeated the silhouette of the bride’s dress. Despite its large size, it looked very light and elegant due to its shape and mirrored paneling. Flowers visually hovered like air clouds above the path and pavilion.


At the welcome and aperitif, the guests were greeted by the artists of the immersion show, 4 ballerinas with mirrored balloons treated the guests to prosecco and snacks.


For dinner, we chose the concept of contrasts of cold and warm colors and materials.The cold mirror-like surface of furniture and constructions was filled with light and warmth in rich colors of terracotta, cinnamon and orange. The central element of the dinner area was a black mirrored dance floor with a light design installation. The eclectic style was supported by black mirrored tables, chairs and glasses. Above two long tables on the two sides of the dance floor, narrow transparent vases fell down like transparent drops, airy clouds of flowers hovered over the heads of the guests. Specially designed plafonds for lighting and decoration of the dinner area imitated the shape of dew drops.

Welcome dinner

A welcome dinner for the closest ones was served inside the villa.

Two long tables along the entire gallery of the halls of the villa created a cozy atmosphere for a family holiday. The tablecloth with a floral pattern was sewn to order from silk fabric from the collection of the ETRO design house.

Vases with lush bouquets of roses were held by plaster cupids. The dishes repeated the floral motifs of tablecloths and elements of the interior of the villa.

Brunch party

Brunch for all guests was organized in a picnic format with cooking show, barbecue and cocktails.

For half of the guests, a long table with comfortable seating was installed, for the second half, a lounge area was created with pillows, soft pouffes and large decorative umbrellas. The chosen style created a relaxed atmosphere of a beach party by the water, sky-colored tablecloths and napkins, tall wicker chairs, wicker coasters, mother-of-pearl cutlery, windmills and colorful dried flowers. Hundreds of decorative torches and light fixtures with a blue glow were installed in the garden and in front of the villa.

Love story

Thanks from the couple

27-29 July 2021
Marta and Igor
Dear Natalia and Vassilis, please, pass on our huge gratitude to your entire WOW-team, the team of chefs and waiters, all artists, as well as the team of Vincenzo Dascanio. And more for photographers and cameramen.
Thank you so much!!! 🙏😘❤️