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Ana Maria and Seun
Happiness is like a mosaic. It consists of many beautiful moments.

Ana Maria and Seun

Occupation: producer at Disney
Birthplace: Romania

Occupation: top manager at a major brokerage firm
Birthplace: Nigeria



Mosaic is the unity of diversity, the union of individual pieces to create a unique and meaningful whole. Mosaic symbolizes one’s destiny, purpose, and soul. A person’s life journey is composed of achieving multiple goals, and to reach any goal, one must take many small steps towards it.

A couple in love embarks on a joint journey – life, where each new stop, each new direction, becomes a small piece that complements their unique mosaic. The paths of the couple, originating from different corners of the world, intersected and merged in London. Completely different cultures and life experiences did not become obstacles, but on the contrary, enriched their shared worldview.

Morning | Villa Bonomi

All the stationery was handmade on paper, cast using traditional techniques in Venice. We took inspiration from the architecture of Villa Bonomi, where the wedding was held. The texts and illustrations were adorned with rose gold.

Roses of different varieties in the wedding palette: cinnamon, caramel, milk, and salmon. For the floral arrangements on the dinner tables, we added lunaria, which complemented the seating cards made of mother-of-pearl. All the guests were seated at a long communal table inside the villa.


Roses entwined a specially crafted metal frame in the shape of a round canopy. The floral mosaic spread across the grass and, rising upwards, floated above the couple. The bridesmaids wore classic silk dresses in the color of cinnamon, while the groom’s witnesses donned black tuxedos. Friends and brothers were dressed in national costumes in the color of toasted caramel.


A mosaic of nationalities and looks of the guests, musical styles, and festive traditions.

The seating arrangement was crafted on Limoncello bottles, and a lemon-shaped name card adorned each bottle. Some guests took their gifts with them, while others tried the famous Italian drink during the aperitif.