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Ana Maria and Seun

The paths of a couple, originating from different corners of the world, intersected and merged in London. Completely different cultures and life experiences did not become obstacles, but on the contrary, enriched their shared worldview.
They celebrated their union of love in Italy at Villa Bonomi, with a beautiful view of Lake Como.
Garden is like a micro cosmos, a place where there is harmony and beauty, where nature creates magic for loving souls.


Laura and Eric

The warming energy and enthusiasm of this couple captivate immediately and set the tone for a zest for life and positivity. Their wedding took place at Villa Pizzo, with an incredible view overlooking Lake Como. They take the best from their different cultures and share this vibrant cocktail with everyone around them. Our task was to reflect the vibrant energy of this couple and immerse the guests in their world, full of deep respect for family and cultural traditions, their various hobbies like cooking and taking long walks, hosting guests, and their shared love for their cat Churro.


Diana and Ferris

The love story of Ferris and Diana began in their Syrian origins and the friendship of their families, inspired by a romantic tradition of meeting at sunrise in the most beautiful places in the world. With their favorite scent of jasmine and the beautiful transformation of their relationship from friendship to love, the concept of 'Embracing Dawn' came to life.


Mègane and Bernardo

The Paris-based couple's dream of an intimate, romantic, and aesthetic wedding came true. They invited only six guests to celebrate their love in a ceremony held at Chateau de Villette, a location featured in The Da Vinci Code. Surrounded by flowers, they exchanged vows in the gardens, enjoyed a powder blue cake, and had a dinner in a beautifully decorated ballroom. For Mègane and Bernardo, it was a real and special moment, unlike any film they had worked on.

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Alina and Pavel

Immersed in the love story of Alina and Pavel, we discovered that their future family has a patron guiding them, and it's a wild cat. Alina's favorite animal is a panther, while Pavel is a Leo according to the zodiac sign. The symbol of the trendy lounge bar in Toronto, where the couple met, is a leopard. The surprise was pleasant for the couple when we revealed this information during the presentation of the concept.


Marta and Igor

The energy of love between two loving people is like the miracle of the birth of morning dew. The exchange of thermal energy that forms the dew is similar to the exchange of energy between two lovers. It is a real miracle that life appears in the desert thanks to the dew drops. The morning dew creates conditions of life that did not exist before, just as the exchange of energies of two loving people creates their unique world.
Garden is like a micro cosmos, a place where there is harmony and beauty, where nature creates magic for loving souls.