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The main symbol of the event was the ginkgo tree leaf, representing longevity and family in China.

“Viva la vida” is a vibrant and uplifting phrase that embodies the spirit of celebration, vitality, and embracing the wonders of life. Translated as “Long live life” or “Live life,” it encapsulates a profound sense of exuberance, gratitude for the present, and a zestful embrace of living life to its fullest.

Happiness is like a mosaic.
It consists of many beautiful moments.

The energy of love between two loving people is like a miracle of morning dew birth

A week before their trip to Lagos, Nigeria, to perform the first ceremony, the groom planned a special dinner for the two. “When I got there, I noticed how nice the hostess and everyone else were to me,” Sade recalls. “Our dessert came out at the end of the meal, and the plate read “Will You Marry Me?” He got on one knee, and I said yes! I was caught off guard because I was so sure he would propose in Nigeria during our traditional wedding.”